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Who We Are

Cindy S. Baden & Russell K. Tippett:

  • Authors
  • Musicians
  • Storytellers
  • World Travelers
  • Amateur Historians
  • Motivational Teachers
  • Amateur Genealogists
  • Historic Indian Path Researchers
  • Long Distance River Trekkers


Cindy S. Baden

  • Retired Technical College Presidential Chief of Staff
  • Vice-President & CFO Practical Strategies ltd® a for profit Consulting Firm
  • An Independent Certified John Maxwell Team Motivational Speaker, Teacher & Coach
  • Les Brown Trained Maximum Impact Speaker and being personally coached/mentored by Les Brown
  • Co-Founder: Academy for Leadership Abilities®


Russell K. Tippett:

  • Retired Technical College Senior Vice President
  • President & CEO Practical Strategies ltd® a for profit Consulting Firm
  • An Independent Certified John Maxwell Team Motivational Speaker, Teacher & Coach
  • Christian Simpson Trained Professional Business Coach
  • Co-Founder: Academy for Leadership Abilities


"Academy for Leadership Abilities® books, created by Cindy Baden and Russ Tippett, are valuable playbooks in the game of life."


- Coach Lou Holtz,

National College Football Hall of Fame

Pictured left to right:

Cindy Baden, Lou Holtz, and Russ Tippett

We want you, the listener, reader, viewer to understand:

Who we are; What we have to offer you; and, Why you should care enough to purchase and use our products.

What We Have to Offer You


Positive Youth Leadership is Positive Youth Influence. No more and no less.


The Academy for Leadership Abilities® (ALA) premier Leadership Skills and Personal Growth/Self-Learning Strategies educational programs for kids 12 – 18 years of age are the products of choice for anyone in leadership or for those aspiring to be in leadership. Key principles such as ethical leadership, teamwork and positive mental attitude are applied. Participants enjoy the many benefits that come from learning how to think.

This coveted achievement-ladder program peaks by earning Distinguished Achievement Certificate (Platinum).


Level No. 3 Superior Achievement Certificate (Gold)

R – Relationships Certificate

E – Equipping Self and Others Certificate

A – Positive Mental Attitude Certificate

L – Leadership Certificate


Level No. 2 Prestigious Achievement Certificate (Silver)

Personal Financial Strategies Certificate

Decision Making Certificate

Leadership Certificate

Positive Mental Attitude Certificate

Team Building Certificate


Level No. 1. Exceptional Achievement Certificate (Bronze).

Integrity/Ethics Certificate

Positive Mental Attitude Certificate (PMA)

Personal Core Values Certificate

Leverage Your Strengths Certificate

Live Your Dreams Certificate

Personal Financial Strategies Certificate

Each ALA program is based on Judeo-Christian principles and is a complete teaching system that includes lesson plans, facilitator/teacher narratives, PowerPoint slides, suggested classroom activities, etc. Without exception lessons are specifically-designed to be taught by lay-facilitators in home schools, public schools, Native American reservation schools, charter schools, and within church groups, ethnic groups, community groups, and youth-focused organizations.


Four Components make these FUN programs complete, while using common sense methods that make them easy to understand and they are immediately ready-to-use:


  1. Inclusiveness – by applying historic one-room-school concepts, mixed age, ethnic and academic-level participants are intentionally included in the same learning activities at the same time;
  2. Close to home – no one is required to travel outside their home area;
  3. Local Support – parents, communities, lay-facilitators, public school teachers and administrators support these programs;
  4. Adaptability – Multiple lay-facilitators and classroom teachers working a variety of environments validate ALA program materials are easily adaptable to anyone in leadership or aspiring to be in leadership, regardless of age (adolescent through mature adult) or attained academic level (elementary school through post-graduate degrees).


Many civic, social and service organizations willingly help community organizations finance the purchase of ALA educational materials because doing so is routinely within their reason for existing. Simply ask them. You will be amazed at their desire to help you.

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